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Joplin Personal Injury Law Blog

Six injured in truck accident near Joplin

The dangers that big rigs pose to other drivers are front and center this morning in the Joplin Globe. The paper reports that six people were injured in a truck accident yesterday morning near Frontenac, Kansas.

Law enforcement officials say that an 18-wheeler southbound on U.S. Highway 69 struck slammed into the rear of three vehicles that were stopped at a red light. 

Missouri child's brain injuries result in $5 million settlement

A Missouri mom and her three young children were taking a Saturday drive to the library when tragedy struck. As the woman slowed her car to a near stop to turn left into the library parking lot, it was slammed into at 60 mph by a pick-up truck.

The violent collision left the woman’s child, just a year and a half old at the time, with traumatic brain injuries.

Overturned gas truck suspected of traveling too fast

A March 28 truck accident outside of Reeds Spring, Missouri fortunately only resulted in injury to the truck driver.  The truck driver was operating a 1997 GMC 7500 truck and was hauling gas at the time that the accident occurred.

The Missouri Highway Patrol reported that the truck was traveling at too high of a speed when it attempted to make a left hand turn at close to 8:00 a.m.  The truck then overturned.  The truck driver who resided in Stone County was said to have suffered moderate injuries.

Waiting: is it the most dangerous part of an ER visit?

Most people would agree that timeliness is an important factor in good medical care. That is, the sooner a medical problem is correctly diagnosed, the more likely it is that treatment can be effective.

The problem is that in many emergency rooms, patients have to wait long periods before they ever see a doctor or nurse. In the Joplin area, several hospitals have wait times above the national average.

Far too often, a delayed diagnosis is a contributing factor to medical malpractice. Sometimes the delays are because an ER is understaffed, forcing doctors to hurry evaluations, which in turn can lead to misdiagnoses and a worsening of serious medical conditions.

Wrong-way Missouri car crash results in death, injuries

About an hour east of Joplin, a Missouri man was recently killed as he drove the wrong way on U.S. 65. The 57-year-old Marshfield man drove south in the northbound lane before slamming head-on into a mid-size SUV driven by a 42-year-old Cape Fair woman.

She was injured in the motor vehicle accident this past Monday morning just south of Springfield. She was taken to a hospital, though officials did not disclose her medical condition. 

Older drivers: Safer than ever before

The Baby Boom generation has been America's largest generation in history. But as its members began to gray and approach retirement, safety researchers worried that aging Boomers would increase the number of car accidents on our nation's highways.

But older Joplin drivers should be reassured: today's drivers age 70 or above are less likely to be in traffic accidents than previous generations.

Missouri car crashes take five lives

In two moments of violent collisions, five lives were ended this past weekend. Two of those killed were teenagers and one was just 20 years old in the car accidents north of Joplin.

Two University of Central Missouri students died in a three-vehicle accident this past Saturday afternoon. A 49-year-old man was also killed in that incident, law enforcement officials said.

Missouri House tries again to protect negligent doctors

The Missouri House of Representatives is trying to circumvent our state's Supreme Court. Two days ago, the House backed a proposal to restore limits on medical malpractice compensation for people who have been harmed by a negligent doctor or hospital.  

The proposal would reinstate the $350,000 cap on noneconomic damages that the court struck down as unconstitutional two years ago in a landmark ruling.

Man killed roadside while helping grandson

Grandparents not only share wisdom earned over their years, but most important, they show their love. A Missouri grandfather was recently helping his teenage grandson with a troublesome car when tragedy struck.

The 64-year-old grandfather was killed in a car accident as he sat in his vehicle with his grandson on Missouri 152, about 160 miles north of Joplin.

Study: brain trauma increases risks of PTSD

Many people go through life thinking they and their loved ones will be spared injuries or illnesses that strike down others. Unfortunately, life is rarely that simple or easy.

As many Joplin families know, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can happen in the blink of an eye in car accidents, falls, sports mishaps and other sudden, unexpected events.