Benefits of Working with a Lawyer Who Works for Contingency Fees

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you never had to pay for anything
that didn’t benefit you in the end? Imagine buying a car, using
it for a couple weeks, and then returning it for a full refund. Better
yet, imagine being able to get a lottery ticket with a high chance of
winning but you don’t even have to pay for it unless it
was a winner.

As fantastical or unlikely as those examples may seem, this is the nature
of working with a lawyer who works for contingency fees. Rather than dropping
a set amount of money upfront from your savings account or paying them
by the hour, a contingency fee attorney accepts nothing upfront, only
earning a paycheck if they win your case. In personal injury law, contingency
fee agreements will also explain that the lawyer gets paid out of a percentage
of your settlement or verdict winnings, guaranteeing that you never pay
more for a lawyer than you can afford. Were you left with barely enough
to pay rent after being hit by a negligent driver? Guess what? You can
still completely afford to hire a personal injury attorney who works for
contingency fees.

Don’t Forget the Extra Motivation

Have you heard about commission in the world of retail? It is the idea
that the more products or services a salesmen sells, the more money they
get at the end of the week. Retail stores that do not offer employees
commission are notorious for having lackluster service and staff that,
frankly, could not care about their jobs or the people they are supposed
to be helping. An attorney who does not work for contingency fee is essentially
a salesman who does not work for commission – they don’t care
about the quality of work, only that it gets done, eventually.

Due to the fact that a lawyer who works for contingency fees gets a percentage
of a client’s total earnings, the more compensation they win for
their client, the more money they win for themselves. It doesn’t
take a master economist to know that this equates directly into more motivation
to do a better job in less time. Having the extra motivation to want to
support a client’s recovery even more can be the main difference
between a successful case and one that fails.

Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci, our Joplin personal injury attorneys work on a “no win, no legal fee” basis, or contingency fees in other words. If you have been hurt
by someone else’s negligence and need reliable and compassionate
legal representation,
contact us today.


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