Attorney Johnson Represents Infant Wrongful Death Case Against Mercy Hospital

The Case

undefinedOn December 20, 2018, Sam and Melanie Blair filed a wrongful death claim
against Mercy Hospital Springfield, Mercy Clinic Springfield Communities,
and Dr. Amr Nabaah. The couple claims that a doctor’s misdiagnosis
is responsible for the death of their 9-month-old son, Charles “Charlie” Blair.
Springfield News-Leader’s breaking news reporter Harrison Keegan
reported on this incident, stating, “In the lawsuit, the Blairs say they took Charlie to Mercy’s
emergency room on Feb. 5 after they noticed decreased appetite, lethargy,
ear pain, fever and signs of dehydration. He was diagnosed with a common
adenovirus and given pain medicine and Tamiflu.”

Three days later, the Blairs brought Charlie back to the emergency room
because he was exhibiting additional symptoms, including a rapid heart
rate and a shortness of breath. The lawsuit states that Mercy Hospital
didn’t perform the necessary tests that could have saved Charlie’s
life, and just continued to treat a nonexistent viral condition. Charlie
was once against discharged from the hospital on February 10, 2018; less
than 24 hours later, Charlie had a stroke and was transported to St. Louis
Children’s Hospital.

Unlike Mercy Hospital, the doctors at St. Louis Children’s Hospital
completed the appropriate tests and diagnosed Charlie with a case of bacterial
meningitis. Tragically, Charlie passed away from brain injuries associated
with his medical condition on February 23, 2018.

The Pursuit of Justice

Attorney Roger Alan Johnson, the managing partner at our firm, is representing the Blairs as they
pursue justice and compensatory damages. As Attorney Johnson explained to
Springfield News-Leader, “What they’re really interested in is this not happening
to other folks,” and that the lawsuit is more about holding Mercy
accountable for their negligence. “It takes a level of courage to
bring a lawsuit and go through the emotional journey that the Blairs are
going to go through,” Attorney Johnson added.

According to the lawsuit, Charlie’s injuries “were the direct
and proximate result of the carelessness, faults and omissions”
of Mercy Hospital, and “had good, safe and timely medical choices
been made, as the standards of medical care require, Charles Blair would
not have suffered the progression of the meningitis that led to the catastrophic
brain strokes and his death.”

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