Blast of winter returns to Joplin

Last winter in Joplin was foot-numbing, face-freezing, finger-cracking
cold and this year’s blast of icy weather is likely to be no better.
Fortunately, we can prepare for what is ahead.

AAA has a number of winter driving tips that can help motorists avoid
motor vehicle accidents that cause injuries.

winter driving advice includes the following:

  • Before driving long distances across Missouri, check weather reports online
    or on TV to find out if severe weather is expected. If you must make a
    drive regardless of a storm, let others know when you are leaving, where
    you are going and when you expect to arrive.
  • Take your cellphone with you (but don’t use it while driving) to
    call a towing service, law enforcement agency or others if your vehicle
    gets stuck in severe winter weather. AAA adds that you should bring with
    you blankets, hats, gloves, food and water – and any medication
    you might be required to take – on those long, winter trips.
  • If you do become snow-bound, AAA advises you to stay in your car. It provides
    shelter from wind and snow and it can help searchers to find you.
  • You can help prevent your vehicle’s gasoline lines from freezing
    by maintaining at least a half of a tank of gas at all times.
  • Of course, it’s also wise to slow down and proceed cautiously in
    winter weather.

Unfortunately, though you might take steps to reduce your travel risks,
many others do not. If you are injured in a car accident, discuss the
details with an experienced Joplin personal injury attorney.


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