What can families do when road safety efforts fail?

This past weekend, police officers could be spotted in Joplin and across
Missouri trying to slow drivers down as people sped home from Labor Day
getaways and celebrations. In much of the state, law enforcement efforts
were successful in keeping drivers safe. Unfortunately, at least one Missouri
family has to grapple with the aftermath of a roadway tragedy.

Just across the border in Illinois, a Missouri woman was killed and her
husband left with injuries described as “grave” after they
were in an interstate highway car accident. A TV station reporting on
the violent, head-on collision noted that as drivers passed the scene
of the wreckage, many of them were busy talking and texting on their cellphones.

Let’s face it: even the best efforts of law enforcement agencies
can’t keep all motorists safe. So what can families of victims do
when a loved one has been taken from them by a negligent, careless driver?
In Missouri, families can hold those responsible for needless fatalities
by filing a
wrongful death lawsuit. It’s a way of holding the person at fault accountable for
their actions, and it’s a way of sending a clear warning to drivers
who might be just as dismissive of distracted driving laws or drunk driving statutes.

As we can tell from the
accident in Illinois, even when they’re looking at the deadly results of what distracted
driving can do, some people apparently can’t resist telling their
friends about it on the phone or sending a text as they pass by the accident
victims. Hopefully, those passing by will not become victims themselves
or the causes of future tragedies.

Let’s hope, too, that they can learn that there can be heavy prices
to pay for carelessness. One such price is wrongful death litigation in
which the victims’ family receives compensation for financial damages
such as the loss of their loved one’s income, benefits and the like.
There can also be large medical expenses, funeral costs and other expenses
that the person who caused the accident can be held accountable for by a court.

It’s not an easy process for the family to go through, but it can
be done with the help of an attorney experienced in guiding families through
the legal system.


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