Dangerous driving on St. Patrick’s Day

On behalf of Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci posted in
Wrongful Death on Monday, March 16, 2015.

It was 1,554 years ago that the patron saint of Ireland died on March 17.
Though he wasn’t even Irish, St. Patrick lived on in the hearts and
minds of Irish immigrants who came to the U.S. generations ago, bringing
with them their festive celebrations. Today, however, St. Patrick’s
Day is known mainly as a drinking day; a day of partying and excess, especially
among young adults.

Unfortunately, it is also a day marred by memories of
drunk driving car accidents that cause injuries and fatalities.

We strongly urge everyone in the Joplin area partaking in St. Patrick’s
Day celebrations to designate a sober driver before the day’s festivities
begin. In that way, you can get yourselves home safe and sound, as well
as help to ensure that your fellow drivers get to their destinations unscathed.
If you can’t
get someone to be a designated driver, be sure to use alternate transportation such as a cab.

If you are hosting a St. Patty’s Day party, be sure that your guests
have designated sober drivers or alternate transportation. Do not let
anyone drive home drunk. The same goes for bartenders and pub owners:
they should never let a drunk get behind the wheel of a vehicle. If the
intoxicated driver kills someone, a pub owner can be
held liable in Missouri.

That means the owner could face in court not only the family who loses
a loved one, but also the judge and an experienced wrongful death attorney
who understands the law and knows how to use the law to protect innocent people.


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