Spread the word: Distracted driving is a life-taker

Despite what we now know about alcohol’s effects on driving ability,
it took a long time for drivers in the United States to really recognize
the dangers of
drunk driving. To illustrate, consider that the annual number of drunk driving deaths has been
reduced by half since Mothers Against Drunk Driving was founded more than 35 years ago.

Drunk driving is still a serious problem in Missouri and throughout the
country, but education, legislation and law enforcement have played major
roles in stopping a very dangerous behavior. The same will need to happen
with regard to another form of driver negligence: distracted driving.

Studies have shown that distracted driving — and particularly texting
while driving — can be as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. When
a person is texting behind the wheel, that person is visually, manually
and cognitively distracted, and drivers need to focus their eyes, hands
and minds in order to operate a vehicle safely.

Because texting while driving is so distracting, one study cited by the
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration likened texting while driving to
being blindfolded behind the wheel.

Still, you probably don’t have to look far to see drivers texting on
Missouri’s roadways. Many states have banned texting while driving,
but so far, Missouri state law only bans texting for novice drivers —
those who are 21 or younger.

The reality is that accidents caused by texting drivers can be devastating
for victims and their families. At Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci, we
understand what auto accident victims go through, and our firm is committed to
protecting victims’ rights.

To learn more, please see our car accident overview.


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