Labor Day is time to go slow, sober, safe and focused

Like all of the major holidays, Labor Day is not only a celebration, but
also an annual touchstone. When we get to Labor Day, we know a scorching
Joplin summer is about to give way to a kinder, gentler autumn.

It’s also a time to wrap up the summer with a last round of picnics,
parties, family get-togethers, road trips and much more. Unfortunately,
it’s also a time when some people celebrate too much, drinking alcohol
to excess and getting behind the wheel of their car.

As we all know, that kind of behavior can result in
motor vehicle accidents that can leave victims with serious accidents. The
Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety cautions that impaired driving is not the only danger posed to motorists
as they travel over the three-day weekend.

An increasing danger comes from distracted drivers; people paying attention
to their cellphones rather than traffic. The Missouri Coalition says on
its website that distracted driving can also including eating, talking
to passengers, looking at the radio instead of the road, and so on.

A shocking statistic from the Coalition: 80 percent of all accidents involve
a form of distracted driving.

In our part of the world, there are many highways on which drivers can
get to high speeds. While there can be stretches without heavy traffic,
those stretches might provide moments of temptation to some drivers itching
to find out if friends or family have sent a text. In those precious seconds
when they check their phones and then reply to messages, their eyes are
on their electronics rather than on cars pulling onto the highway, intersections,
bumps, curves, vehicles ahead braking, etc.

Please stay safe this holiday by driving sober and focused.

Those forced to deal with injuries and financial losses as a result of
a distracted driver, please know that an experienced personal injury law
firm will be focused on helping you get full, fair compensation for your damages.


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