Most Common Mistakes When Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci, we strive to help our personal injury clients as best as possible. For
that reason, we offer you the information you need to pursue fair compensation.
As you file what could be one of the most important documents of your
life, a personal injury claim, it will be useful to know what some of
the common mistakes others have made in the past. Having this knowledge
as you file your own claim can help you avoid at least the most commonly
made errors.

To help you get started on this journey, our personal injury attorneys
have included a list of the most common mistakes that injury victims and
their family makes:

Misrepresent the Injury

One mistake others often make is misrepresenting their injury by either
exaggerating or underestimating its severity. This is often done to pursue
higher compensation or through an assumption that it is “not as
bad as it seems.”

Taking Too Long Before Filing the Claim

A lawsuit will need to be filed within a certain timeframe, which is known
as the “statute of limitations.” The period of time given
for filing the lawsuit will begin when the plaintiff is injured or has
discovered that they are injured.

Not Filing a Police Report

There are important reasons why you should file a police report. You should
undoubtedly notify the police or emergency personnel of the accident.
The police report acts like an official record of the important information
of the incident.

Not Seeking Legal Advice

A crucial step of a positive case result is accepting legal advice and
advocacy from a professional and knowledgeable attorney. At Johnson, Vorhees
& Martucci, we have the experience that you can rely upon. It is important
to not try and handle the insurance companies all on your own. Without
proper representation, your claim could be hindered.

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