Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents

One of the greatest challenges someone can face after being hurt in a
truck accident is proving that they are in no way liable for what happened. Overcoming
this obstacle becomes easier once you get an understanding of some of
the most common causes of 18-wheeler truck accidents. If you can identify
one of those reasons in your own claim, the odds of you gaining fair and
maximized compensation should increase.

Common reasons behind many trucking accidents include, in no particular order:

  • Trucker fatigue: How many hours do you need to spend at work? Most likely not more than
    10 hours in a day. Truck drivers are routinely scheduled to work
    14 hour shifts with 11 hours behind the wheel. It really is not a surprise to
    find that many truckers feel exhausted during their shifts, which can
    dramatically reduce their reaction time and control over their vehicles.
  • Speeding: A truck driver in a hurry to get home to their bed at the end of a 14
    hour shift or 70 hour workweek may try to speed to reduce the amount of
    time they spend on the highway. This is a recipe for disaster, especially
    when considering that tractor trailers with full cargo supplies can require
    great lengths of empty road to come to a complete stop.
  • Improperly loaded cargo: Freight attached to a trailer needs to be secured tightly and properly,
    or else it could fling dangerous debris into the road behind the truck.
    If it is a closed trailer with freight inside, like the average commercial
    truck making runs for retail chains, the cargo must be distributed and
    balanced safely; failure to do so could cause the truck to tip or jackknife.
  • High winds: You have likely seen “high wind” warning signs with an image
    of a commercial truck along certain stretches of highway. When a gale
    force wind catches the broadside of a trailer, it can force the whole
    thing over. This is much more likely if the trailer is top heavy due to
    improper load balance.
  • Lack of maintenance: Tractor trailers undergo a lot of stress and punishment on a daily basis.
    As tough as these large vehicles may seem to be, they need routine maintenance
    and repair to stay in top shape and be considered safe for the road. Not
    enough maintenance, and a trucker could suddenly lose control of their
    vehicle, causing a serious truck accident.

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liability, or where to look for the cause of the collision,
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