Honoring National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Some of our readers
may believe that this month of observance is unnecessary. After all, numerous
educational campaigns, technological innovations and local laws are already
helping to curb the prevalence of distracted driving behavior. However,
it is important to understand that distracted driving continues to kill
a staggering number of Americans on an annual basis. Until this problem
is significantly curbed, it will remain relevant to educate the public
on the hazards of distracted driving.

In 2013 alone, more than 3,000 Americans perished in distracted driving
crashes. During that year, an additional 424,000 Americans were injured
in distracted driving accidents. Despite these devastating statistics,
Americans continue to embrace technology that inspires distracted driving behavior.

According to the annual National Occupant Protection Use Survey compiled
by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 660,000
motorists are either using cellphones while behind the wheel or otherwise
manipulating electronics while driving at any specific moment in America.
This statistic needs to be radically reformed before the need for National
Distracted Driving Awareness Month will abate.

This month, please consider observing distracted driving awareness in your
own way. Perhaps you and your family will commit to locking your personal
electronic devices in the trunk every time you get behind the wheel for
the next several weeks. Or perhaps you will opt to aid awareness campaign
efforts at a workplace or school in your community. However you choose
to observe this issue, please commit to staying safe and avoiding distracted
driving behaviors to the best of your ability.

Source: Safety.BLR.com, “Safe driving tips for Distracted Driving Awareness Month,” Emily Clark, April 21, 2015


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