Safety Tips for Roundabouts

Roundabouts have become increasingly prevalent on our roads as a means of efficiently moving traffic and reducing delay. They are an alternative to traditional all-signal intersections and feature a yield sign which directs drivers around a center circular roadway. Though they have been statistically proven to be safer than traditional intersections, roundabouts are still the center of many accidents and injuries for unsuspecting drivers, passengers, and other travelers.

Whether driving in a single or multi-lane roundabout, it is essential you avoid potential disaster by keeping the following safety tips in mind:

  • When approaching the intersection, slow down.
  • If entering a multi-lane roundabout, observe road signs or pavement markings to see the correct lane options.
  • Always look to your left. Vehicles already in the roundabout have the right of way.
  • Yield to traffic already within the roundabout.
  • Never make a left turn to enter and only enter when there is a safe gap between vehicles.
  • Once you have safely entered, stay to the right of the center island.
  • Never stop, unless to avoid a crash.
  • Do not change lanes or attempt to pass other vehicles.
  • Watch out for trucks, trailers, or big cars which require more room when making a turn.
  • If you miss your exit, just continue around once more. Remember to use your turn signal when exiting.

Properly using a roundabout will allow you and all others to take advantage of its promised benefits while reducing hazards on the road.

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