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  • “Accident & Tornado damage review”
    I have used this excellent firm twice, and both times they went up against insurance companies that refused to settle. Both times the outcome was in my favor. I would highly recommend this company. They are always available when you have a question, and are 100% in your corner. All of the staff is helpful and friendly. They are truly professional at there job, and I would not want to be the opposing attorney facing them!
  • “Very Informative”
    He was very informative and listened to my concerns about the case. He took a lot of notes and was extremely helpful
  • “I was very happy with the outcome of my case”
    I was very pleased with this firm and mainly Roger Johnson he was very easy to talk to and made it easy for me to understand what was happening with my case at all times and anytime I had a question he would get back with me in a very timely fashion and treated me with respect I was very very happy with the outcome of my case. Roger was very knowledgeable in the medical field and I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services. I will use them again if I ever need them.
  • “Extraordinary attention, compassion, integrity, and professional excellence”
    From our first contacts and over a period of more than two years, we received extraordinary attention, compassion, integrity, and professional excellence. Although we certainly suspected a six-month delay in diagnosis, medical error in a cancer diagnosis resulted in a potential case, the firm was helpful through a number of conversations (both email and face-to-face) in helping us understand the complexities of such cases and in carefully examining hundreds of pages of medical records and information. My wife and I are both educators with advanced degrees. Research is second-nature to us. So, before we ever contacted the Johnson, Vorhees, and Martucci law firm (Joplin, Missouri), we researched firms in Joplin, Springfield, and Kansas City. When looked for those with proven success in malpractice cases and those with the highest ratings for ethical excellence by clients and with other attorneys. Based on that research, the first place we decided to contact was Johnson, Vorhees, and Martucci. We may be unusual in being concerned about the ethics of bringing a lawsuit against medical doctors. The question, “Can we sue?” needed to first ask the question, “Should we sue?” Roger Johnson and others were tremendously helpful and took the time to both research our case and then dialogue with us about what went wrong (on the medical side), Missouri laws and limits related to medical malpractice, and advised us what our options were. Never did we feel pressured and never did we doubt that we were being treated with genuine human compassion, absolute honesty, and solid legal expertise. Once we elected to pursue the case, Roger Johnson and others are the firm were absolutely committed to prevail. Throughout the whole process, which ultimately led to a trial (most malpractice cases are settled without a trial), we were kept thoroughly informed and the decisions were left in our hands. We were not pressured to settle or not to settle. As we came the possibility of an actual trial, the potential risks and possible outcomes were made clear to us. The decisions remained ours. If we decided to refuse the settlement that we offered, they would take us through a trial. If we had decided to settle before a trial, that was our choice. We would also want to add that, in the case of a trial (something most people manage to avoid), you should want attorneys that are experienced in the courtroom and in presenting cases before juries. Many malpractice cases that go to trial result in juries that side with the doctors. In part, this is because many people think that lawsuits are too common and they want to believe physicians always deserve the benefit of the doubt. We realize anyone reading this review is going to already presume we won the lawsuit. We did. But, whether you believe it or not, our appreciation of Roger Johnson, Erin Vorhees, and the others at the firm would be exactly the same, even if the jury had sided with the doctors. If you live in Missouri and find you need an attorney related to a medical situation, this is the first place you ought to go for legal help and genuine compassion.
  • “We were so fortunate to be referred to Johnson, Vorhees, and Martucci”
    My husband and I never dreamt we would ever need the services of an attorney. Unfortunately, we found ourselves in a situation where it was necessary, and so began our journey. We were so fortunate to be referred to Johnson, Vorhees, and Martucci and feel absolutely blessed to have them in our lives. Not only did they represent us in the courtroom for a very long week, they actually BELIEVED in us and treated us with dignity and respect. They truly care, and will do everything in their power to stand up for clients who have been wronged. Mr. Roger Johnson will fight for what is right, refusing for a moment to back down. We feel as though we have not only a great attorney/client relationship but also new friendships with fantastic people. We did end up in the courtroom with both Roger and Scott (and Dana and Tati). I had never even stepped foot in a courtroom and did not know what to expect. I could not help but being intrigued by the process (would have loved to be in the back of the courtroom watching them in action rather than the subject of the reason we were there). The process was mind boggling, but throughout the process the time and energy that was put forward was truly amazing. This process consumed the lives of both Roger and Scott. Not sure either slept the entire week (much less had anything to eat). The combined brain power of Roger and Scott was something to watch as they worked the entire week as a team – fighting for us! What an amazing thing. The jury heard everything that was said and had a lot of information to process – a lot of which was hard to listen to. As we left the courthouse, several jurors remained outside to talk with all of us. The jury took their job very seriously and had nothing but wonderful things to say about Roger and Scott. As our voice, they heard everything that was presented to them, and made a decision based on the information that was given. We won! Medical malpractice is such a scary thing, but we must stand up for what is right…
  • “I strongly recommend this law firm.”
    A friend, who is also an attorney, told me Roger Johnson was the best malpractice attorney he knew and I wasn’t disappointed. He and his staff are amazing; they kept me informed and were always quick to respond to my questions. We were prepared to go to trial, but he was able to negotiate a settlement in mediation with both insurance companies. He is not only professional, but I feel like he truly cares. I believe we had the best representation possible and never doubted his ability.
  • “Great firm with some great staff.”
    If you need the job done right this is the place for you.
  • “I have always felt that I was not only a client, but rather a friend and part of the family every time I have needed their assistance. Honesty”
    Not a better group of attorneys in the four states…period.and Integrity are always on full display……period!
  • “A fantastic group of lawyers and even better individuals!!”
    A fantastic group of lawyers and even better individuals!!
  • “Very professional and helpful!”
    They helped me through a stressful time in life and I couldn’t be more grateful!
  • “I knew I was in good hands.”
    I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. It was quite a long and upsetting process and I want to thank you for staying by my side for this long grueling time. it is really hard to make someone who doesn’t know you believe that you are innocent and telling the truth. I felt you put all your efforts in standing up for me and for what was right. I am grateful to you that you took all the stress and most of all, keeping me informed about what waas going on, when I felt so lost and afraid. Your faith, knowledge, and determination of the law and my rights were something that solved my worries. I knew I was in good hands. Thank you for your guidance.
  • “I appreciate greatly your help in bringing the contract dispute matter to a conclusion”
    Glenn, I want to thank you and let you know that I appreciate greatly your help in bringing the contract dispute matter to a conclusion. I believe you know that I am not one to quickly bring in a third party to help fight my personal business battles. In this case, I admit I may have waited too long. The case presented a dozen years of history and many pages of information that needed to be sorted out to understand the facts. It was your expertise and knowledge of the law that narrowed the facts down to what was important to force the other party to negotiate a reasonable settlement. Sarah, thank you for always being there when I called or emailed needing an answer or help in gathering information. Your actions were always handled in a prompt and professional manner. It was a pleasure working with you.
  • “Your tenacity and perseverance has helped sway things our way”
    Dear Erin, Just a thank you note for all you’ve done to obtain a decent settlement for us. I know this is probably routine for you but we feel your tenacity and perseverance has helped sway things our way. Thank you again for obtaining justice.
  • “Very Satisfied!”
    I am very satisfied with my experience with JVM and all staff that I had contact. I would not hesitate to recommend to family & friends