Requesting Video Footage for a Fall Claim Case

Patrick Martucci from Johnson, Vorhees, & Martucci, discusses the steps to take to request video footage of your fall for an injury claim.

So if you’ve been injured on property and you think the owner is at fault, it’s very important that you document what the dangerous condition is, and that you put the owner on notice. So what would that be typically if you’re in the store? You would contact the store manger and ask to fill out a report and tell them you have been injured. They typically will give you a form and you will fill out the form. It’s important to ask for a copy of the form, or at least get to see it before it is sent to their headquarters, so you know what it said, and what they are saying you have said. Now we’re in the world of cell phones, most cell phones have the ability to take pictures or video. You want to take a picture of what you believe the dangerous condition is because, you can guess that that dangerous condition is not going to be there within a few hours after you leave the store. So take a picture. Also, many stores have video surveillance and you can tell the store that you want to see a copy of it, or if not, that you want them to keep a copy of the video surveillance so that you can later prove what the dangerous condition was.