Documenting Your Injury

Patrick Martucci discusses documenting your injury when you've been injured due to a dangerous condition.

If you’ve been injured on someone’s property and you feel that they’re responsible for your injury, it’s very important that you contact the owner of the property. Now and the most common type of case it is a store. You want to contact the store owner or through the employees, and make sure that you fill out a report. Because you want to be able to document when you were at the store and what the dangerous condition was that you are claiming injured you. Oftentimes they will have you fill out an incident report. Fill it out as best you can, put in the detailed information, and ask to see a copy or keep a copy of the answer report before it is kept on file or sent to their insurance company. In the modern era where everybody has a cell phone and those cell phones have the ability to take pictures, take a picture of what you think the dangerous condition is. Take a picture or take a video. If someone has seen you fall, ask for the name and numbers of those witnesses to help you prove what the dangerous condition was, and that is actually what caused your injury. Also, is extremely important that you seek medical treatment right away. You don’t want to wait several days because then it is more difficult to prove that the injury was indeed related to the dangerous condition. Tell your doctor or the hospital what you think the dangerous condition was that injured you.