Organic Brain Injury Claims

Roger Johnson discusses his experience with organic brain injury cases and claims.

Now, if we switch to another type of brain injury that we commonly deal with that’s organic based, really two major types of organic based brain injury. It’s where when nobody’s fault, just part of the human journey that’s going on, sometimes people will have a blood vessel that goes to the brain that for one reason or another begins to have a swelling called an aneurysm in that blood vessel. Sometimes that blood vessel will begin to seep blood out of it. When that happens, oftentimes there is a terrible headache that’s associated with it. It’s what oftentimes doctors will call a thunderclap headache, or it will be characterized as, “The worst headache I’ve ever had in my life.” Even people with migraines or stress headaches, they know the difference when they’ve had this type of headache occur. That’s a very serious problem, and it has warning signs that are going all off when you have that symptom of a thunderclap headache that’s just coming out of nowhere. Doctors are trained to be able to deal with that problem that exists. Sometimes what we deal with with folks is that doctors are not responding to those clear clinical warning signs in a timely way, and then what happens is the aneurysm will rupture, causing a massive bleed into the brain that ultimately can be completely life altering. It could even cause the death of the patient. So that’s one type of organic brain type injury that oftentimes we’ll get involved in on a medical negligence case