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Workers’ Compensation Claims

Most employers carry some form of workers’ compensation insurance, which is meant to give employees who are injured performing work duties benefits and coverage while they recuperate.

Trouble can arise if an employer wants to keep their insurance rates down, or if that insurance provider wants to curb their bottom line and choose to deny workers’ comp claims without good reason. If you believe your workers’ compensation claim was wrongfully denied, or if it is being mishandled by your employer, you might need litigation to set things right.

At Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci, our workers’ compensation attorneys are known throughout the Springfield and Joplin regions for being both compassionate and professional. We can hear the details of your case with no charge to you with our free initial consultation offers. During our discussion, we can help you determine what sort of legal action you should take next.

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Occupations That Experience Worker Injury

Any employee in any field can be hurt on the job if negligence and unsafe practices are allowed to be prevalent in the workforce. There are a few industries that seem to create more hazards than most. It is important to understand the full extent of your workers’ compensation coverage if you work in any of these careers.

Employees of the following industries may encounter workplace hazards regularly:

  • Construction workers: An industrial job site has dangers left and right that must be minimized and controlled by supervisors and management. From fall injuries to defective equipment, a construction worker can suffer serious injury without warning.
  • Stock clerks: Retail store attendants, grocery clerks, and anyone else expected to load or unload product either in shelves or in the storeroom is at risk if safety standards slip. Falling objects can cause head injuries, repeatedly lifting boxes may cause back pain, and so on.
  • Cashiers: Working a register may seem like a safe profession but the truth is that unsavory individuals may come looking for a fast dollar by robbing a store or cashier. A lack of security measures can put money-handlers in undue danger.
  • Transporters: Couriers, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and any other professional who spends most of their workweek behind the wheel of a vehicle can get blindsided by a car accident at any time.
  • Office staff: Completing the same motions throughout the day, no matter how minor, can cause a repeated stress injury (RSI). Office staff often complain of carpal tunnel symptoms from using keyboards or eye strain and vision clarity loss due to staring at monitors.

Liability in Workers’ Compensation Claims

You might think that you cannot collect workers’ compensation if you know you are responsible for your own work-related injury. While liability is a contributing factor in the average personal injury claim, it is often completely overlooked in workers’ comp claims. This is due to the fact that workers’ compensation claims are about getting you the medical treatments you need, not figuring out who is to blame.

How Our Workers’ Comp Attorneys Can Help

Our Springfield and Joplin attorneys have more than 140 years of collective legal and trial experience dedicated to representing the wrongfully injured, including hard-workers like yourself. When it comes time to stand up to your employer or their insurance provider, let us be the ones to hold you up and give you strength.

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