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Back injuries, even those that appear to be minor at first, can lead to lifelong pain and complications. If you have been experiencing soreness or stiffness in your back after being in an accident of any kind, you should react quickly and see a medical professional. You will also want a legal professional in case a lawsuit is necessary.

At Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci, our Joplin personal injury attorneys can provide you with trustworthy legal counsel if you have suffered a back injury at the hands of another party. With more than 140 years of combined legal and trial experience, you can be certain that we can handle your case from start to finish while eliminating any unnecessary delays and complications. Best of all, we insist on working for contingency fees, meaning we do not collect any attorney fees unless we win your case.

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Back Injuries in the Workplace

Many back injury cases actually stem from the workplace. Employees who are overworked or told to move heavy equipment frequently are especially at risk of straining their backs and tearing a muscle or hurting their spine. At industrial sites where work needs to be done in high up places, a back injury can occur from falling off unstable structures or defective safety harnesses.

Occupations that may pose frequent back injury risks to employees include:

  • Construction workers
  • Retail store clerks
  • Stockroom associates
  • Cleaners and maintenance crews

Whenever an employee suffers a back injury at work, they have to bring a claim against their own employer. If you are in such a situation, do not be intimidated by the size and presence of your parent company, which may even have on-staff attorneys to fight injury claims. Turn to our Joplin work injury lawyers to stand up for you.

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A back injury can make standing, walking, and even lying down a painful task until it is given time to heal. While you are recuperating, you will need compensation to help pay your bills and ease your troubled mind. This is where our personal injury lawyers come in. By providing you with reliable, compassionate legal advocacy, we hope to let you recover while we manage the serious business of your case or claim.

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