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Catastrophic Injury Claims

A serious or catastrophic injury is one that causes a permanent disability or severe trauma to an individual’s central nervous system, such as the brain or spinal cord. When an individual is suffering from a catastrophic injury, he or she is not able to perform gainful work or everyday tasks. Many individuals will even need constant supervision and daily assistance, creating further financial strain.

Why Call Our Brain & Spine Injury Attorneys?

At Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci, our serious injury attorneys can help you file a claim to seek compensation for your losses. We know the obstacles and struggles you are facing, and you don’t have to endure this alone. Move forward with financial peace of mind by filing a claim with the help of our team.

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Types of Serious Injuries

Our firm has extensive experience handling a wide range of personal injury claims, including those involving serious injuries. We know how to accurately value the extent of your injuries, your pain, and your overall losses. We also work with top experts in the medical, engineering, and forensic fields to help you identify liability and prove your claim.

We can help you seek compensation for serious injuries such as:

Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

There are several ways that a person may seriously injured. Some of the most common causes of catastrophic injuries include:

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured due to the negligence of another, contact our firm today to learn more about your options!

Personalized Approach to Injury Representation

At our firm, we maintain a personalized approach to representing our clients. We know that this is a difficult time for them, and we know that the confusing claims process doesn’t make things easier. But we are here to guide you through the whole ordeal, step by step.

Whenever you have a question or concern, know that we are always available to answer them. We work directly with our clients to ensure that they are happy with the results we deliver.

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