Questions About Nursing Homes & Neglect

All too often we hear about an older person having to sit in his or her own soiled bed sheets, or a loved one who seems to fall every other day at a nursing home.  Even before Covid and the staffing issues this pandemic has caused,  nursing homes were often understaffed by people who are underpaid and undertrained. 

Our loved ones deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Sadly, there are many nursing homes simply that warehouse older people, only to collect a check. In these situations, the residents rarely get care they need.

At Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci, we can help you get answers about the level of care your loved one receives.  We can help put a stop to these cases of neglect and abuse.

Are Bed Sores & Pressure Ulcers Normal?

It is not okay for your loved one to develop bed sores or pressure ulcers.  For some reason, people have been led to believe that these injuries are just a part of normal care.  However, bed sores can and should be prevented by actively moving the patient, along with routine assessments of skin health, good hygiene, and other preventive measures.  

What If My Loved One is Losing Weight While in a Nursing Home?

Residents in nursing homes should be getting good nutrition and should not be experiencing unexplained weight loss.  Often, dramatic and unexplained weight loss can be a sign that your loved one is not receiving adequate care.

Should Bruising and UTIs in Nursing Homes Be Tolerated?

There should be no unexplained bruising occurring to any resident in a nursing home.  Additionally, routine urinary tract infections should not happen.  When urinary tract infections do happen, they should be timely treated. 

How Common are Falls in Nursing Homes?

Falls can happen – but good facilities have protocols, precautions, and enough people to protect against most falls. If you are concerned about falls or the frequency with which they occur in a particular facility, reach out.

If your loved one has been injured in a fall, suffered from bed sores or ulcers, or got sent to a hospital from a nursing home because of malnutrition – you may have a case against the nursing home.

The best way to protect your loved one is to visit often, check on their care, and know what to look for.   We hope that your family never experiences any issues with nursing home care – but if you do – please know we are here to help. 

Bringing a claim for nursing home neglect can help cover medical bills, hold the nursing home accountable for bad care, and most importantly, it can help protect other residents from experiencing the same neglect.

It is free to consult with Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci about any possible nursing home case– and there is no fee unless you win. Contact us for your free consultation.