Tips for Reducing the Impact of a Car Accident

Most people who are in a car accident never know it’s coming until they only have a few precious seconds
to react. Even in single-vehicle accidents where distraction or weather
conditions lead to a crash, the warning is incredibly slight, if not nonexistent.
An unavoidable car accident is a real possibility every time you get behind
the wheel, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to
make that situation better, or at least less damaging.

Take these steps and keep these safety hints in mind to help prevent or
reduce the harm caused by an unavoidable accident:

  1. Buckle up: Wearing your seatbelt each and every time you get into a vehicle should
    not be seen as an optional choice. Simply securing yourself into your
    seat properly vastly decreases your chance of suffering severe injury
    in a car accident.
  2. Maintain your vehicle: An automobile can only be as safe as its owner allows it to be. Bring
    your vehicle into your mechanic for routine checkups and maintenance,
    which should ensure that your airbags, brakes, and other safety features
    work when you need them most. Also, keep your ear to the ground for any
    safety recalls concerning your vehicle.
  3. Emergency help ASAP: You should
    never use your smartphone while you are behind the wheel but it does pay to
    keep it handy, such as in your pocket or purse. In the event of an accident,
    the sooner emergency responders arrive, the less likely injuries will
    become permanent or severe. As soon as you can after an accident, call
    for help, even if you aren’t sure if anyone is hurt or not.
  4. Steady braking: Wet and icy roads cause a noticeable percentage of car accidents, especially
    in higher altitudes and cold seasons. If you are ever in a situation where
    you are losing control of your vehicle due to weather and road conditions,
    remember to brake steadily. Do not slam the brakes harshly, as this will
    likely worsen your slide or spin.
  5. Brace for impact: How you are sitting at the moment of impact in a car accident can be the
    difference between walking away and suffering broken bones or worse. If
    you know an impact is coming, face straight ahead and sit yourself so
    your head and back are squarely against the seat and headrest –
    this will distribute the impact over a large area of your body. Next,
    tighten your muscles and hold onto the steering wheel firmly – as
    an impact forces your muscles to relax, the force is distributed even
    more throughout your body. Lastly, keep your wrists flat and straight
    out, like you are holding onto a cup; do not bend your wrists, as this
    could cause them to break.

In an ideal world, you will never have to use the proper techniques to
minimize harm in a car accident. In reality, it could be pertinent to
the next time you drive. Remember that there are people who can help you
after you are in a crash, though.
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