JVM 10th Annual Elementary School Sweatshirt & Beanie Giveaway

Ten years ago, a devastating EF5 tornado struck our community and changed the people of Joplin forever. 

Almost immediately, strangers from around the world began providing aid to help our community recover. The incredible outpouring of love and support Joplin received made us grateful for the goodness in people.

Their amazing show of kindness, and the great need experienced by our community are the inspirations behind the program we have today.

Each year, we’re proud to hand out school spirit gear to the student bodies of three elementary schools in our community. Over the past three years alone, we’ve given out more than 12,000 sweatshirts, beanies, and COVID preventative masks to area students.

To us, these items mean so much more than warm clothing. Showing school spirit and having pride in their education helps children feel like they fit in. Above all, this sense of belonging allows students to know that it’s okay to stand up and stay true to the person they are.

“We need you to be you” is this year’s theme. It reinforces that the person each child is inside, is perfect, and the world is drastically in need of someone exactly like them.

JVM Stands Up

We’re a law firm that pursues justice on behalf of personal injury victims facing mounting medical bills and other significant damages.  Our team is committed to winning financial recovery and helping clients secure a measure of justice against organizations that bully victims out of getting what they deserve. 

JVM is dedicated to making a positive impact in the community we’re proud to call our home.