Recent Posts in Catastrophic Injuries

  • 22-Nov-2016

    What Makes an Injury Catastrophic?

    After a particularly violent accident – whether it be a car accident, motorcycle accident, medical malpractice incident, and so on – a person may be said to have suffered catastrophic injuries. For many people, the thought of being ...
  • 27-Apr-2016

    Common Spinal Cord Injuries and Their Treatments

    A spinal cord injury is a type of serious injury that causes damage to the collection of nerves in a person’s spine, causing varying levels of paralysis. It is estimated that approximately 12,000 people suffer spinal cord injuries each year, ...
  • 24-Feb-2016

    Damages in a Catastrophic Injury Claim

    A personal injury of any type can set you back financially as well as cause you undue pain and suffering. Litigation surrounding a standard personal injury case can still be complex and require a careful eye for detail and a tenacious lawyer by the ...