Blog Posts in February, 2016

  • 24-Feb-2016

    Damages in a Catastrophic Injury Claim

    A personal injury of any type can set you back financially as well as cause you undue pain and suffering. Litigation surrounding a standard personal injury case can still be complex and require a careful eye for detail and a tenacious lawyer by the ...
  • 10-Feb-2016

    Steps You Should Take After a Car Accident

    As evidenced by the number of car accidents in America each year, which range well into the thousands, even the best defensive drivers on our roads can get blindsided by a reckless motorist. The erratic maneuverings of an intoxicated driver or ...
  • 3-Feb-2016

    Are Some Doctors More Prone to Medical Malpractice Than Others?

    Members of Stanford University School of Medicine and Stanford Law School have recently released the results of a study that used 10-years’ worth of statistics to complete. What were they trying to find that required a decade of numbers, facts, ...