Blog Posts in November, 2014

  • 20-Nov-2014

    Being Fully Alert to the Dangers Posed by Drowsy Truckers

    “You know what? I dozed off. Man, I just dozed off." That is reportedly what a trucker recently told a witness to a truck accident that resulted in two deaths and multiple injuries. The drowsy trucker slammed his enormous tractor-trailer ...
  • 13-Nov-2014

    Head Injuries Change as Children Grow

    As Joplin parents know, growing children are always in search of better ways to move. They start out crawling, but are soon walking, then running and eventually driving. Each method is riskier than the one that preceded it in the child’s ...
  • 6-Nov-2014

    Study: Medical Malpractice Laws Don't Reduce Health Care Costs

    It has long been claimed in Joplin and across the nation that our healthcare costs are soaring because doctors are forced to order expensive tests that patients don’t need. Doctors claim that they order the unneeded tests – often referred ...