Blog Posts in April, 2014

  • 21-Apr-2014

    Traumatic Brain Injury Turns to Triumph

    Last year’s Missouri Tigers football team enjoyed a remarkable comeback season. But the team’s resurgence pales in comparison to the rebound being made by one of its members from a traumatic brain injury. Just 10 months ago, he was a ...
  • 8-Apr-2014

    Missouri Child's Brain Injuries Result in $5 million Settlement

    A Missouri mom and her three young children were taking a Saturday drive to the library when tragedy struck. As the woman slowed her car to a near stop to turn left into the library parking lot, it was slammed into at 60 mph by a pick-up truck. The ...
  • 4-Apr-2014

    Overturned Gas Truck Suspected of Traveling Too Fast

    A March 28 truck accident outside of Reeds Spring, Missouri fortunately only resulted in injury to the truck driver. The truck driver was operating a 1997 GMC 7500 truck and was hauling gas at the time that the accident occurred. The Missouri Highway ...