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Winner ContentMany of our clients have had their lives suddenly turned upside-down. Through no fault of their own, they find themselves physically hurting and/or financially devastated. Because some person or big corporation has made careless choices or acted in unsafe ways, our clients have suffered harms and losses that have changed their lives. Our first priority to you is to care enough to help you get your life back.

Your situation can be devastating and overwhelming. But you do not have to face it alone. With the right attorney, the insurance company can be compelled to pay your medical bills, car repair or pay for a rental vehicle, while providing you with fair payment for the harm their insured caused, including money for the pain, suffering and impact on your life.

Too often, insurance companies take advantage of injured people who do not have experienced attorneys by their side. To protect your rights, you need an experienced, caring trial attorney who will fight for you. Having an aggressive, dedicated attorney at your side sends a strong message to the insurance company: that they need to do the right thing, right now.

At Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci, our attorneys have more than 120 years of combined experience working with individuals who face desperate times arising from a wide variety of harms and losses caused by others. We have a local presence in Joplin, Northwest Arkansas, and the Springfield/Springfield area. Our regional litigation and trial law practice extends throughout the four-state region and beyond.

Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci aggressively represents injured people in the four-state area. Our attorneys are licensed in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas. Our clients usually live within a 300 mile radius of our central office in Joplin, but as demand for our services grew we added offices in Springfield, Missouri and in Rogers, Arkansas to better serve our clients. We regularly receive referrals from other attorneys in the Springfield and Fayetteville regions because they recognize that our aggressive litigation approach achieves good results for their clients and friends. We also handle cases outside the region as well, with the help of local counsel associations in many other states.

At times, tragically, you suddenly find yourself having lost a loved one or enduring a life-changing injury. When a wrongful death or disabling injury has occurred, your life seems to have changed irreparably. It becomes difficult to think, let alone try to figure out what to do to avoid financial ruin. Our attorneys and paralegals have experience helping those who unexpectedly have lost someone who they depended on for companionship, support, care and comfort.

Our clients are our first priority. We take no retainers — not one cent of your money, while we work aggressively to get your medical costs covered as we pursue the best outcome for you. We develop meaningful relationships with our clients as we approach each case with hands-on care and good communication with you.

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